Published Feb 16, 2024

ROCHESTER, NY (February 13, 2024) – NISA Nation announces Roc City Boom will participate in the Upstate New York Region for the upcoming season.

Formed in Rochester, N.Y., in 2019, Roc City Boom is a community-based club and plays its home matches at Eastridge High School. 

"Our goal with Roc City Boom is to create a platform for players to showcase their abilities with the hopes of making it to the next level," Roc City Boom co-owner Marc Mandell said. "NISA is a quality organization and we are thrilled to be able to compete at a highly-competitive level. Joining NISA Nation will unlock a lot of true talent for our club and will present a new challenge, one that our club has been waiting for."

Roc City Boom previously played in the United Premier Soccer League. The Boom are three-time champions of that league's Western N.Y. Division.